Jun 19

Version Control, Version Management and GIT

You can use Gitlab internally. It will act as a version control server. Gitlab is Linux/Unix specific. Gitlab is written in Ruby.

You can also use Github, however, to keep your projects private, you will need to pay. BitBucket is an alternative to Github, the advantage is, you can keep your projects private as long as the number of users is less than or equal to five.

Linux OS usually comes with several Git clients both graphical and command line to interact with Git servers.

I have used Git for version control as part of my job/consulting. Used Linux Git based client tools at home as well to interact with Github. I also published my own code publicly on Github. Will try BonoboGitServer, Gitbilt, and BitBucket soon.

One of my projects in Github. The code were written long back with no intention to achieve perfection. Hence, please do not judge. I know the issues there like you.



  1. Gitlab
    Gitlab is a free git repository management application based on Ruby on Rails. It is distributed under the MIT License and its source code can be found on Github. It is a very active project with a monthly release cycle and ideal for businesses that want to keep their code private.
  2. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/gitlab
    Official Gitlab site: https://about.gitlab.com/

"Open source software to collaborate on code

GitLab offers git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis. Enterprises install GitLab on-premise and connect it with LDAP and Active Directory servers for secure authentication and authorization. A single GitLab server can handle more than 25,000 users but it is also possible to create a high availability setup with multiple active servers."  from https://about.gitlab.com/

Recommended Git Client/User side Tools

Some Git tools

  • gitk - graphical history browser, in Tcl/Tk, distributed with Git (usually in gitk package)
  • git gui - graphical commit tool, in Tcl/Tk, distributed with Git (usually in git-gui package)
  • QGit - uses Qt toolkit
  • Giggle - uses GTK+ toolkit
  • git-cola - uses PyQt4
  • gitg - GTK+/GNOME clone of GitX
  • tig - text mode interface for git, is GUI and pager, uses ncurses

Reference: http://askubuntu.com/questions/227554/best-gui-client-for-git


Git Server for Windows

Bonobo Git Server, it is designed to run on Windows in IIS


You can try Git Candy, A Git platform based on ASP.NET MVC.

Source on http://github.com/Aimeast/GitCandy

Demo on http://gitcandy.com/


Gitlab Alternatives





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