Jul 16

Topics that You Need to Learn to Develop Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Enterprise Applications

Topics that you need to learn to develop Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Enterprise Applications.[Knowing what to learn is the first step of learning.]

  • Web Service Overview: SOA, Web-services, Web Service Standards, and Standard Managers
  • XML Syntax: XML vs. HTML, W3C and the XML Specification, XML Syntax
  • XML Namespaces: XML Name Conflicts, Qualified and Unqualified Names, Global and Local Scope
  • XML Schema: Specifications, Namespaces, Schema Document, Schema Root Element, Element, Importing/Including Schemas, Validating Documents
  • Advanced XML Schema: Non-atomic Simple Types, Restrictions or Facets, Extensions, Groups, Commenting Schema
  • Schema Best Practices and Patterns: Designing Good Schemata, Design Goals, Naming Conventions, Enumerations, Element vs. Type, Element vs. Attribute, Global vs. Local, Qualified vs. Unqualified, Default Namespace, Common Schema Design Patterns
  • SOAP: Specification, Basics, Envelope, Header, SOAP Body, Faults, SOAP and Protocols
  • WSDL: Specification, portType, message, types, Concrete, binding, Style and Use, service, How is WSDL Used?, WS-I Testing Tools
  • XML to Java Mapping: WSDL Definition Mapping, WSDL portType Mapping, Type Mapping
  • UDDI: UDDI Servers, Registry System, Business Entity, Business Service, Binding Template, Publisher Assertion
  • Java Web Service APIs: Java and XML Processing, JAX-RPC, JAXP, JAXR, JAXB, JAXM, SAAJ, JAX-WS, Enterprise Web Services
  • Axis: JWS Web Services, Building a Java Service Consumer with Axis, JWS Pros/Cons, Axis Custom Deployment Web Services, Axis Custom Deployment Options, Web Service Scope, Web Service Types, Java Bean Mapping, Axis Handlers and Chains, Axis MessageContext, Axis TCP Monitor (TCPMon), SOAP Monitor
  • Versioning: Classifying Changes, Handling Backward Compatible Change, Handling Non-Backward Compatible Change, Behavioral Change, WSDL Versioning
  • DOM and SAX: DOM Specifications, DOM Interfaces, Document Interface, Node Interface, NodeList Interface, NamedNodeMap Interface, Event-Based Parsing, SAX, Limitations of SAX, Benefits of SAX, Benefits of DOM
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