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Oct 15

User authentication and security in Laravel

Oct 10

Cloud Computing and Security (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Oct 10

Ensuring our Digital Security (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Oct 10

The IT Security Industry – Survival in the Age of Cyberwarfare (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Oct 10

Challenges of Information Security Education (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Oct 10

Making Security Tolerable (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Dec 11

How to Secure Your .Net Applications

How to Secure Your .Net Application Use multiple levels of security: Physical Level (data center security), Network Level (firewall), Operating System Level (accounts, trust level), Web Server Level (use virtual directory), Web Application Level (authentication, authorization), Database Level (different accounts to perform different types of database operations), Data Level (encrypt sensitive data), use Best Practices …

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