Aug 06

Some WPF Stuff: Windows Presentation Foundation: WPF vs HTML

Overview of WPF

"According to Microsoft developers answering questions during Build 2014, WPF is still actively developed, but was not designed to be highly responsive, nor adapted to low-power consumer devices such as tablets or smartphones. Because of that, no further major changes are expected to be done on the framework[5]"


In defense of WPF (No comment from me)


.NET/WPF to HTML/CSS/Javscript


Can HTML5 Replace WPF?


Creating hybrid HTML5 and WPF applications with self-hosted OWIN Web API SignalR and Awesomium


WPF Code Example: XAML

  <ColumnDefinition x:Uid="ColumnDefinition_1" />
  <ColumnDefinition x:Uid="ColumnDefinition_2" />
  <ColumnDefinition x:Uid="ColumnDefinition_3" SharedSizeGroup="Buttons" />
  <ColumnDefinition x:Uid="ColumnDefinition_4" SharedSizeGroup="Buttons" />
  <ColumnDefinition x:Uid="ColumnDefinition_5" SharedSizeGroup="Buttons" />

<Page x:Uid="Page_1" x:Class="MicrosoftSaudiArabiaHomepage.Homepage"
    Localization.Comments="FlowDirection(This FlowDirection controls the actual content of the homepage)"




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