Oct 17

Some Terms. Part – 4: Project Quality Control

Some Terms. Part - 4: Project Quality Control

Some Terms 

Total Quality Management:

Everyone in the company is responsible for the quality and can influence the quality of the outcome

ISO 9000: Ensures that companies document what they do and do what they document

Statistical Independence: Two samples are not dependent on each other

Mutually Exclusive: One choice excludes the other

Standard Deviation: Calculate the mean. Then find difference between each data point and the mean. Square each of the differences.std dev = SQRT((sum of the squired differences)/(count data points - 1)). The higher your standard deviation the more diverse the data points.

Six Sigma: six sigma standard deviations (99.99966% of the data points) meet customer's quality limits.

Prevention vs inspection:

Attribute sampling: conforms quality or not. binary

variable sampling: How well something conforms to quality

Special causes: Unusual and preventable

Common Causes:normal

Tolerance: quality limits for product acceptance Control Limits: Three standard deviation above and below the mean.


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