Oct 16

Projects and Operations

Discussion Topics:

  1. What is a project ?
  2. Differences between projects and operations


What is a project?
A project is an activity that using plans and processes creates a product, a service, or a result. A product is a physical product like a TV, a service is like the Internet, a website; result [analytical model, proof of something] is the knowledge based outcome of a research project. Project is a continuous process that takes an idea/concept, targets an outcome, plans how to get the outcome, uses several processes/activities to gain the outcome. Applies monitoring and controlling to get the desired outcome timely.

What are the differences between projects and operations?
Operation is not a project, operations are done to keep something/an organization going. For a University, taking classes, conducting researches are operations. For a food shop, selling foods is an operation. But the process to create a University or a food shop is a project. Software development process is mostly project oriented.

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