Jun 23

Oracle background processes

Oracle Process architecture
Oracle processes running simultaneously in the background

  • archiver processes (ARCn)
  • checkpoint process (CKPT)
  • database writer processes (DBWn)
  • dispatcher processes (Dnnn): multiplex server-processes on behalf of users
  • memory-manager process (MMAN): used for internal database tasks such as Automatic Shared Memory Management
  • job-queue processes (CJQn)
  • log-writer process (LGWR)
  • logical standby coordinator process (LSP0): controls Data Guard log-application
  • media-recovery process (MRP): detached recovery-server process
  • memory-monitor process (MMON)
  • memory-monitor light process (MMNL): gathers and stores Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) data
  • process-monitor process (PMON)
  • process-spawner (PSP0): spawns Oracle processes
  • queue-monitor processes (QMNn)
  • recoverer process (RECO)
  • remote file-server process (RFS)
  • shared server processes (Snnn): serve client-requests
  • system monitor process (SMON)
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