Aug 12

Master Page vs Page Templates in Kentico

A discussion in general, not Kentico specific


Master Pages

Dynamic Web Templates

Use with .aspx files

Use with .htm or .html files

Master content and page content are merged on the server when the page is requested

Template content exists in all pages based on the template and must be updated in all pages whenever the template is updated

Individual page content must be between <asp:contentplaceholder> and </asp:contentplaceholder> tags

Individual page content must be between <!-- #BeginEditable --> and <!-- #EndEditable --> tags


General Discussion

Master Page applies to the whole site. Each Page template is for a specific set of pages; however, can be thought of a sub-master page for those associated pages. Templates will retain Master page design/layout (in general) and will define the structure for some web-pages under/keeping the master layout. The pages that will use Page Templates will have the layout and controls as defined in both master pages and age templates. if a page does not use s Page-template, it will just contain the layout and controls (if any) from the master page. 

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