Dec 21

Important Photo Sizes for Photo editing

: লেখকঃ মোস্তাফিজুর ফিরোজ । Mostafizur Firoz

Important Photo Sizes for Photo editing

We who wants to be professional graphics designer, it is important to know all the different photo sizes. It helps you to acquire the proper knowledge about photo quality. This all sizes are important to works with Photoshop. Today i share with you different photo sizes of Photoshop.

1. Photo Size: Stamp : (.8inches×1inches)

2. Photo Size: Passport : (1.52inches×1.9inches)

3. Photo Size: 3R : (3.5inches×5inches)

4. Photo Size: 4R : (4inches×6inches)

5. Photo Size: 5R : (5inches×7inches)

6. Photo Size: 6R : (6inches×8inches)

7. Photo Size: 8R : (8inches×10inches)

8. Photo Size: 8L : (8inches×12inches)

9. Photo Size: 10R : (10inches×12inches)

10. Photo Size: 10L : (10inches×15inches)

11. Photo Size: 12R : (12inches×16inches)

12. Photo Size: 12L : (12inches×18inches)

13. Photo Size: 16R : (16inches×20inches)

14. Photo Size: 20R : (20inches×24inches)

15. Photo Size: 20L : (20inches×30inches)

Here Stamp photo size: (.8inches×1inches) refers its long: .8inches and wide: 1inches.

Try to remember all of the photo sizes. At first it is better for you to practice all of the sizes photo. It helps you to remember quickly.

Save all of the photo sizes and practice regularly. Practice more and more to be a professional graphics designer.

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