Dec 21

How Can i increase my skill on Graphics Design

How Can i increase my skill on Graphics Design : লেখকঃ মোস্তাফিজুর ফিরোজ । Mostafizur Firoz

Every man become perfect day by day on his specified category. His skills improves day by day. When he born, he is not perfect to survive in the world without others help. So, he needs take care and affection to survive. Day by day he grow up and able to survive alone. That way, one become experts at graphics design day by day from his speed of learning and practicing graphics design. Today I share with you some tips to increase your skill on Graphics design.

1. Prefer Your own design types:
Which types of design you like best, get concentration on those types of graphics designing. It helps to make you better graphics work.

2. Reading more books about graphics design:
Reading more and more about graphics design. If you can you should buy different writers graphic designing book and study it. It helps you to take more ideas and knowledges. You can search on internet about it to acquire more concepts and ideas.

3. Give importance on Fonts:
Fonts are also important for graphics designing. A good graphics design is also depends on the best font. If your font selection is perfect for perfect place, it can make good design. So try to collect different types of fonts and keep it on your computer.

4. Creative thinking:
Creative thinking helps you to make better designing. So always try to be creative. Follow other Graphics designer to get idea not to follow their design. Be creative and perform yourself.

5. Collect attractive design:
The designs which are attractive and interesting to you, try to keep collecting them. It helps you to get inspiration to make better design.

6. Be careful at your work:
Always be careful at your works. when You in primary level, your works are not be the best. But don't slack those design, try to collect them. When you become a secondary level graphics designer, then compare your both works and get result yourself that how much you improves your condition.

7. Works with your style:
Follow others works to get idea, but not to follow their designs. Always works with your own style. Always try to be creative and give importance on your skills. That helps you to make better design which give you better attraction to all.

These helps you to increase your skills. You can also make your own portfolio to represents you. You can also make samples of different categories such as Webdesign, Business Card, Visiting card design etc. It represents you more. so practice more and follow all of this to increase your skill at graphics designing.

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