Jan 02

Creates and starts three threaded objects

Creates and starts three threaded objects which count from 0 to 4. Uses the following class:
/** Try out a few instances of the Counter class. 
 public class CounterTest {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Counter c1 = new Counter(5);
    Counter c2 = new Counter(5);
    Counter c3 = new Counter(5);

Counter.java:A class that inherits from Thread and defines a run method that counts up to a specified value, pausing for a random time interval in between value counts.
/** A subclass of Thread that counts up to a specified
 *  limit with random pauses in between each count.
public class Counter extends Thread {
  private static int totalNum = 0;
  private int currentNum, loopLimit;

  public Counter(int loopLimit) {
    this.loopLimit = loopLimit;
    currentNum = totalNum++;

  private void pause(double seconds) {
    try { Thread.sleep(Math.round(1000.0*seconds)); }
    catch(InterruptedException ie) {}

  /** When run finishes, the thread exits. */
  public void run() {
    for(int i=0; i

Note: Brought from our old site: http://www.salearningschool.com/example_codes/ on Jan 2nd, 2017

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