Dec 18

Configuring an LDAP Client in Redhat/CentOS

You can use the tool authconfig-tui  or authconfig-gtk to configur an LDAP client.

If these are not installed, you can install them with

yum install authconfig-tui

yum install authconfig-gtk

You will also need to install nss-pam-ldapd

yum install nss-pam-ldapd

Some command sequence from my history

yum install nss-pam-ldapd  [auth config tui was asking for this]
authconfig-gtk [is not installed]
yum install authconfig-gtk (so install)

[ then either run authconfig-tui  or authconfig-gtk, and give proper configurations. You need to provide LDAP server info and Domain (dc=redhat, dc=local), you also need to provide the CA certificate path in the config. if you use authconfig-tui then you have to copy the certificate to a folder. when you run authconfig-tui , the command will tell you where to copy the certificate to]

yum install autofs [install autofs to mount remote LDAP user home directory to local folders]

vim /etc/auto.master (autofs configuration file. tell here, in which file the mounting is configured) (filesystem=nfs)
vim /etc/auto.misc  (just checking format)
touch /etc/auto.guests (on auto.master, we told  auto.guests will have the file system mounting)
vim /etc/auto.guests
systemctl restart autofs
getent passwd ldapuser01 (check if the remote user can login from local and mounting is done)

Check if you see the LDAP users'  folders mounted on your local

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