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Dec 24

Tools for iOS Application Development

iOS Development When developing for iOS platform the first question that comes in mind is that “do I need a mac for iOS app development?” Today I am going to talk about some of the iOS development tools, their setup procedure for different platforms and their pros and cons. Native iOS Development: Apple’s official development …

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Oct 30

Introduction to Drupal based Web site Development

Oct 25

Introduction to soa and apache axis

Jan 19

MVVM : Model View ViewModel

MVVM: Such as Angular.JS and Knockout.js KnockOut.js Presentation Model by Martin Fowler (theory behind: MVVM)

Sep 15

iPhone vs Blackberry

Looks like Blackberry almost lost it’s appeal, and iPhone and Android devices/platforms have gained huge popularity and market share. Blackberry initially emerged as a Business Phone (and as a a smartphone) and was treated respectfully by corporations for a long time as a reliable and secure office device. However, iPhone revolutionized the smart phone market …

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Sep 02

Responsive Web Design in General. Responsive design for Drupal, Joomla, & WordPress

How to implement: a must watch : Why responsive web design: Why 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design Is Drupal Responsive Design Ready? 55+ Best Responsive Drupal 7 Themes Is joomla responsive design ready? Joomla 3: Mobile R3ADY / US3R Friendly 125+ Best Responsive Premium Joomla Templates Responsive themes for WordPress …

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Nov 20

HTML5: Some Information

HTML5: Some Information The web-page starts with <!DOCTYPE html> Declare character set using <meta charset=”UTF-8″> in the head section HTML5 defined the way the browsers should parse the markups. HTML5 defines what a browser should do even in an error cases (invalid markup, invalid syntax). So a webpage will look the same in all HTML5 …

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Nov 18

What is Monotouch?

What is Monotouch? A mobile development platform [to develop applications for mobile devices] The apps can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Android platforms Based on .Net and C# A good choice for .Net developers to develop mobile applications. Faster application development Can be seen as an alternative to Objective-C Advantage over Objective …

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