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Aug 17

Has August become the Most Volatile month?

Historically, September was the most volatile month (for the Stock Market in the North America). However, this August, 2017 also seems pretty volatile. Does all credit goes to Mr. Trump? or this is the regular summer time sell off? Apparently, this is for both (gut feeling and as I understand and as I see on …

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Aug 04

My ETFs of Interest : Ups and Downs: Mostly up

    Ticker $ Current Price $ Change % Change  Country VUN 43.60 0.31 0.72  US XUS 39.09 0.27 0.70  US XEC 26.09 0.27 1.05  Emerging XUU 24.11 0.17 0.71  US Big + Small Cap XEF 29.37 0.15 0.51  Europe VCE 32.34 0.14 0.43  Canada VCN 30.87 0.13 0.42  Canada XIU 22.69 0.11 0.49  Canada …

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Aug 03

ETFs of My Interest and Up/Down Today

  Ticker $ Current Price $ Change % Change ZRE 19.73 -0.08 -0.38 XCB 21.31 0.07 0.33 XRB 23.75 0.15 0.64 XSB 27.71 0.01 0.04 XEF 29.22 0.01 0.03 XEC 25.84 -0.12 -0.46 XUS 38.86 0.00 0.00 XUU 23.94 -0.01 -0.04 XIC 24.10 -0.11 -0.45 XIU 22.59 -0.08 -0.35 XRE 15.84 -0.04 -0.25 CPD 14.17 …

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Aug 01

Apparently, stock market is little up, after declining (overall) for little time

Apparently, stock market is little up today, after declining (overall) for little time (a month or little over a month or for two depending) : Check Europe for that: Ticker $ Current Price $ Change % Change XEF 29.11 0.34 1.18 — — XRB 23.62 0.28 1.20 — — XUS 38.73 0.27 0.70 — …

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Jul 03

Some ETFs and their Dividend Payments (Approx.) per Share

Some ETFs and their Dividend Payments (Approx.) per Share. The data is based on payments on June, 2017. Some are per month, some quarterly, and some semi-yearly/semi-annually Monthly: CPD, VAB, XCB, XSB, XRE Quarterly: XIC, XUU Semi-yearly: XUS,  XEC, XEF, XRB Disclosure: I do or did invest in all of these ETFs. Important Reference on …

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Mar 15

Large Volume Transactions for Preferred Shares: Probably because Fed hikes key U.S. interest rate to twice what Canada’s is

Large Volume Transactions happened for Preferred Shares: Probably because Fed hikes key U.S. interest rate to twice what Canada’s is (As I see, CPD had a very large volume of transactions, as I see and understand from the alerts I received) “The U.S. central bank raised its benchmark interest rate a quarter of a percentage …

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Nov 25

Investment Management, Trading, and Related Apps

Profitly TLC Media LLC Verify your trades through Profitly TradingDiary Pro Sword Tech Kft. Home TradingDiary Pro is a user-friendly …

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Nov 05

My RESP Investment Outcome

Some information on the performance of my Do it Yourself (DIY) RESP Investment. Sure, I did talk to RBC, CIBC, and Scotiabank about RESP. Finally, decided to do it on my own. I had very little understanding of stock/capital market investment at that point. Still, wanted to take the route do it on your own …

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Sep 25

One Fund Approach of Investing

Just checked on: One Fund Approach of Investing One fund: one ETF that has a mix of bonds, stocks, real estate trusts, commodities, and alternative investments under it. Stocks under them are usually globally diversified. Many such one funds use some other ETFs inside them, one for each aspect of the investment (such as one US ETF …

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Sep 24

Random Reading on Finance: One fund/ETF solution for investment

Random Reading on Finance: One fund/ETF solution for investment

Jul 28

Example ETF Portfolio for RESP

This is an example ETF allocation for FRESP account. This actually is for the absolute beginners just to understand how to put together a balanced portfolio using ETFs. Please, do not take this portfolio for granted and please do not take my opinion to implement this. Use to find out what all those symbols indicate …

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Jul 09

On Purchasing ETFs  

May 15

Learn Investment

If you know nothing about investment, you can read is primarily for Canadians; however, anyone can find the information beneficial. People Invest in one of three ways Day trading, buy and sale stocks daily or in a short term. continuous and everyday process. Long term: invest in index funds i.e. index mutual funds and/or index …

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May 07

Invest in Real Estate without Buying Properties

You are right, not very organized information. Still providing some information: Use these as information purpose only. I am not advising to use the information below as investment advice. Apparently, Healthcare REITs (Canada/TSX based) will do better in near future because of Boomers going into retirement: Retails will do worse because competition with Online. Residential REIT …

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Apr 16

Islamic/Shariah Investment in Stocks/Equities/ETFs

Just based on couple of articles that I read today: Please verify the information as provided here on your own. Bonds and GICs are not valid/allowed investment types. Irrespective Govt. Bonds or Corporate Bonds. Only investment in equities/stocks are allowed. Equities have to be from the companies whose activities are allowed according to Islamic Shariah. …

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Apr 03

List of iShares Equity ETFs

AOA iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF Equity 404,694,780 Nov 4, 2008 0.20 D AOK iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF Equity 249,867,469 Nov 4, 2008 0.24 D AOM iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF Equity 456,639,792 Nov 4, 2008 0.23 D AOR iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF Equity 700,594,187 Nov 4, 2008 0.22 D DGRO iShares Core …

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Apr 03

List of iShare Fixed Income ETFs

AGG iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF Fixed Income 34,822,331,882 Sep 22, 2003 0.08 D CRED iShares Core U.S. Credit Bond ETF Fixed Income 773,462,286 Jan 5, 2007 0.15 D GOVT iShares Core U.S. Treasury Bond ETF Fixed Income 2,038,538,463 Feb 14, 2012 0.15 D IAGG iShares Core International Aggregate Bond ETF Fixed Income 175,553,165 …

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Mar 31

Some Investment Stuff Checked, Mostly on ETFs

Random Investment Stuff Checked: Wondering are these good options? AOM, CBD-T, CBN-T Lightly read: iShare ETFs:!type=ishares&tab=overview&view=list&f2=50567 Build your portfolio with iShare ETFs. Know the ETF mix for Defensive, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, and Max-Growth Portfolios.

Sep 27

On Investing: Some Mutual Funds and ETFs. Transferring from one Brokerage to another

Just some URLs to share:   Actively managed funds vs. the index: once again, no contest ” In reality, however, research has generally shown active management to underperform the broader market, after accounting for fees. ”     An asset manager of BMO, and the products that he manages. I am not recommending the …

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Aug 23

Comparisons among some do it yourself brokerages (including from Big Banks). Online for sure

You can read a detail comparison at: If you find a brokerage that you like by checking this comparison, please also verify the features with the brokerage itself (I mean verify the features and fees, before opening account with the brokerage) In the above web-page, after the comparison, you will find a discussion on …

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Aug 16

RESP, Investing, and Related Resources

Just 2 cents. Please use these notes for information purpose only. We are not taking the responsibility if this information causes you any damage of any type. Some recommendations from (and to my understanding)   Open an RESP Account () Family Plan RESP if multiple children With a bank Self Directed –  (where to …

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