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Sep 19

POLYPOLY – CMS : A Java Based CMS used by Reputed Corporations

The Product URL: Check our other articles on CMS:   What is PolyPoly “A modular full-stack Web CMS for fast multi-channel publishing! Manage all of your online properties across all channels from one browser based UI. Polopoly covers everything from sophisticated content management to managing sites and navigation.”   List of Customers:   Features: …

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Sep 04

Drupal 8’s improvements

“Drupal 8’s improvements include: Simplified content authoring experience API-driven content approach Rest-first native web services Seamless integration with existing technologies Multilingual features and capabilities Responsive by nature and mobile-first Revised and updated for Drupal 8.2, as of October, 2016.”   Reference: Drupal 8 Features     Download the guide from: Drupal Best Practices   “Drupal is …

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