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May 11

Different areas of study in computing: CE, CS, CIS, IT, IS, SE: What do they really mean?

Different areas of study in computing: CE, CS, CIS, IT, IS, SE: What do they really mean?

Nov 02

Books Near my Desk at Home

The Mythical Man Month from Brooks Code Complete from Microsoft Press by McConnell Lessons Learned in Software Testing By Wiley, Kaner PMP in Depth by Sanghera The PMP Exam from Velociteach Analyzing Requirements and Defining .Net Solution Architecture from Microsoft Press Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual and Visual from …

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Sep 01

How to buy a laptop hard drive – external

You can buy either external or internal hard drives. You can replace existing internal hard drive/s with your purchased hard drive/s. There are ways (software) that can create an exact image of your existing data into the new drive. The new drive will boot and work like the existing/old hard drive/s. What to consider before …

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Jul 11

Creating Your Own Software Company

Just some resources. Starting your Own Company Ian Landsman Knows How To Build a Small Software Company Hitting the High Notes Blog on Creating a Software Company How to sell your software for $20,000 I know sending your web-site visitors to other web-sites is not a great idea.

May 12

IT: Career News, Industry News, Research News

IT Career News Becoming an IT consultant: Do’s, don’ts and disasters to avoid IT Layoffs: Not As Many As You Think Why Skilled Immigrants Are Leaving the U.S. MAJORITY OF U.S. TEENS FEEL PREPARED FOR CAREERS IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS, YET MANY LACK MENTORS IT Industry & Research News Experts See Shortfall in …

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Feb 28

Tools for your computer

Free Adware Remover Memory Tester Memory Tester

Oct 02

Miscellaneous Resources

On Blackberry Application Development Book: On Blackberry Application Development Programming the BlackBerry With J2ME Blackberry Application Development: Getting Started J2ME Blackberry Desktop Icon Creation

Feb 26

Understanding Office Politics

Just some resources from google search. 7 Habits To Win In Office Politics Office politics: playing the game How to Win at Office Politics Office Politics Features 9 ways to get your boss to love you Understanding office politics:

Sep 03

Fun and Productivity

Just was searching Google to know about the relationship between fun and productivity. Just got some resources as below: How to Motivate Every Employee: 24 Proven Tactics to Spark Symptoms that you are not motivated at your work The fun of productivity measures Just having fun at work can boost productivity How to Make “Fun” …

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Jun 23

Game design

This is a repost. Game Design Lessons. This is not about developing games but the considerations that game studios go through to design and develop all the big games Lecture:

May 22

Why Computer Science Students Need to Study Math?

It’s true that many great software were built by people without mathematics background. They could do better with mathematics training/background. [K. Devlin, ACM Communications, September 2003, Volume 46] “The main benefit of learning and doing mathematics is that it develops the ability to reason about formally defined abstract structures like those in computer science and …

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May 18

Measuring the Performance of Knowledge Workers

Just Some Internet Resources, Not my opinions A site dedicated to the topic: Measuring the Performance of Knowledge Workers Managing Knowledge Workers. “Emphasize collaboration and professionalism; de-emphasize incentive schemes and performance measures. Play up knowledge workers’ natural tendencies to be committed to their work and its overall objectives. Emphasize iterative work structures rather than linear, …

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May 17

What skills you achieve through your bachelor education?

Check HereSkills through math study

Feb 20

Computer Networks: Overview

To get an overview on Computer Networks theory, please check the links as provided below. Do you need to know them? Well, if you want to work as a Network Administrator, an introduction/overview to these topics will definitely help. If you want to work for companies such as Cisco to write network protocols, routing protocols, …

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Nov 14

What if you could hire employees that do everything they are supposed to AND genuinely want to be there?

Linkedin Answers:What if you could hire employees that do everything they are supposed to AND genuinely want to be there? Low Level Reward and Recognition Programs Best Practices – What Works? What Doesn’t? Does your company have a formal employee engagment program? Employee engagement . Do you feel connected with your organization? If yes, why? …

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Oct 05

C/C++ Reference Library

The C Library Reference Guide C++ Library Referencee C Library Reference The GNU C Library C++ Language Tutorial Book: C++ the Complete Reference

Sep 27

Canada: Professional shortages in software industry

Canada has critical professional shortages in software industry. You can check the skills that are in high demand in software industry.

Apr 04

NSERC Funding for Research Based Masters, PHD, and Post Doctorate Programs

Follow this link: NSERC Funding for Research Based Masters, PHD, and Post Doctorate Programs

Jan 14

Immigration is Canada’s Future

Immigration is Canada’s Future

Sep 07

Timely Topics for IT Professionals: ACM: June 13th, 2008 Issue

Timely Topics for IT Professionals

Feb 14

If you work in a Technical Support Position

The following tools may be useful-Advanced SystemCare 3 Professional-ioBit’s Registry Defrag and Smart Defrag-Spybot Search & Destroy-Avira Antivirus (Latest Version, Best Rated Virus Scan Available

Oct 10

Research Notes from IEEE Computer, March, 2009

“Virtual machines are a technology that was invented in one era, overlooked in a second, and rediscovered in a third”. D. A. Grier Network service providers are looking for solutions that provide faster data transfer and require less number of equipments. Wavelength-division-multiplexing passive optical networks (WDM-PONs) may be the future. Other related technologies: TDM: Time …

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Jun 28

BlackBerry Application Deployment

You can use Black Berry Desktop Manager to deploy blackberry applications to your blackberry devices.You can also, use Black Berry Web Desktop Manager Software to deploy Blackberry applications from Web-sites. Download the software from: Want to learn Blackberry Application Development? Want to learn iPhone Application Development??? Don’t panic – it’s not hard at all …

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May 28

Research Notes from ACM Communication Magazine, Vol 52, No-2

Just some random notes Computational Photography is a bright field of computing Digital cameras have software for sure, however open source camera project gives programmers a platform to experiment with digital camera programming Obama is the first US president who has used the internet extensively for his election campaign “Programming is to CS what proof …

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Feb 19

E-Waste and Business

“e-waste recycling is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the world—and it’s profitable” — IT Pro, Jan/Feb 2008, by IEEE Computer Society

Dec 31

Two Speeches

Steve Jobs’s speech at Stanford: Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management

Nov 13

Jobs for Computer Science Students

Real Jobs for Computer Science Students Should Look Like This Is computer science only about programming? Though programming is at the heart of computer science, computer science is really about to teach computer/computing as a subject matter (like – electrical engineering has its own subject matter, Zoology has its own subject matter). The jobs …

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Sep 04

How intuitive is OOD design?

I was just reading a recent research paper from the Communications of the ACM as titled “How intuitive is OOD”. Some concepts from the paper: recent research in cognitive psychology indicate that people do simple mistakes in their every day activities because of intuitive thinking even in the area of their expertise. Math as well …

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