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Jun 14

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Mar 07

Canada Top Technology Companies

Canada Top Technology Companies

Feb 15

Manitoba: Income : Income Tax

Your income and income tax Federal Tax * 15% on the first $37,885 of taxable income, + * 22% on the next $37,884 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $37,885 and $75,769), + * 26% on the next $47,415 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $75,769 …

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Feb 08

Toronto: Top 50 Employers

Toronto: Top 50 Employers:Check Here

Oct 10

What should be your hourly rate as an IT consultant?

Consult the following resources, you will get a pretty good understanding.

Aug 03

How to Set Your Consulting Fees?

Check the following resources: How to set your consulting fees? Job Description – Information Technology (IT) Consultant

Dec 10

Salary By Fields

Oct 24

Online Resources: Hourly Rate for Consultants in IT/Software Development

Apr 11

Salaries in Different Companies Such as Microsoft

Salaries at Canadian Companies Salary at Microsoft (High to low) Salary at Microsoft Salaries at IBM (PayScale) IBM Salary Strategies Salary at Microsoft (PayScale) Comments: Salaries at big and reputed companies are usually significantly higher than small companies. Jobs in the IT department of a good company (non-IT) are much more stable than positions in …

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Nov 18

IT-Job, IT Skills, Skills-Gap

Review 2007: IT Skills and Career IT skills gap resurfaces as student numbers fall Faster training could plug Australia’s skills gap The Skills Gap: IT Workforce Trends 2008 to 2013 in 6 APEC Economies

Nov 02

Online Resources: Hourly Rate for Consultants in IT/Software Development

Jun 18

Interested in a Career in Computer Graphics? What it takes? Just the basics

Check the following resources (may be, only if you have no idea on this – Google search can give you more information) Major: Computer Graphics Computer Graphics & Animation Starting a Career In Computer Graphics

Feb 22

Employment Laws: Employment Insurance, Quit, Fire

EI Overall EI and Quit EI and Fire

Aug 23

Winnipeg Recruiters

Agency Name Specialize in Industries Adecco Employment Services Ltd General – most or all Andersen General – most or all Anokiiwin Employment Solutions Inc. Federal Government Brant & Associates General – most or all Careersource Recruitment Aerospace, Health care, Hospitality Centre for Aboriginal Human … General – most or all Charter Management Group (CMG) General …

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Aug 10

How Much Should an Independent Consultant Charge?

Planning to switch from a full time employee to a consultant: determine how much you should charge/hr Just Check this discussion

Jul 31

Salary/Wage Canada Government Jobs

I think that the following web-pages may give you an understanding of salaries for Government Jobs in Canada. The information provided may not be the most recent information, still you will have an idea. Computer Systems Information Services Home Page MPs’ Salaries Public Sector Salaries, B.C Canadian Salary Range Canadian Salary Survey Salary for University …

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