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Jul 24

Software Testing Basics

Software Testing Basics Note: Different testing strategies are described here. In practice, a detail test plan is helpful that may be formed with a subset of these strategies [and delivered to the testers] according to the need of the customers, and the company policies. Five Fold Testing System Any testing can be described in five …

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Sep 12

Should developers test software?

Not really my opinion; however, as found in different articles and opinions. You may have a business case to utilize developers for software testing; Also, your developers may end up being a good tester as well, and happily willing to do the software testing work. Should developers test software? Software testing is testers’ work not …

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Feb 23

How to find bugs fast in a software tester role?

The mission of the position TESTER may vary based on the industry, company, project, or the personalities of the team.When you work as a tester, be clear about your mission [mission of your position]. If you are not sure…ask the management – what is the mission of the position – what are your responsibilities. You …

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Apr 04

Developer testing: Some Talk

Developer testing: Some Talk Thinking about test cases before writing the code may become handy sometimes. If you think before then hopefully, you will also write code that will avoid those errors/test cases. The thinking time is almost equal. Check for both the control flow and the data flow of your code. Check that each …

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Nov 06

Key Strategies in Software Debugging

Key Strategies in Software Debugging. 1. Understand the requirements well. Design the software well. Code well. These will reduce the number of defects in your system. 2. Don’t use random guessing about defects. Use a systematic and scientific method to detect and fix bugs. 3. Identify the root cause of a defect. Understand the program …

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Jul 30

Software Testing Resources

Software Testing Resources. Read the resources as provided in this short-note. Also, go through the short-notes in the further reading section below. Complete free course on Software Testing Articles on Software Testing Software Development/Engineering Resources in General Quality Assurance Templates in General

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