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Jun 24

Cake PHP Framework Resources

Beginner’s Guide: Cake PHP Framework Video Tutorials: Cake PHP Framework Cake PHP CheatSheet

May 05

PHP Security – Guidelines

PHP Security – Guidelines Do not store sensitive information in Cookies Instead of cookies, store sensitive information in Sessions Sessions can also be hacked though safer than cookies PHP session id is pretty random; so in general this is not a problem. Reducing the session security problem: determine current user is the one who originally …

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Mar 21

Providing Single Sign on using Google and OpenID.

Read this article to get a good overview on the topic. However, check the example requests and responses at the bottom, they work alright. A Related Resource

Mar 07


IBM-DB2: Random stuffs. This is a great book on IBM-DB2. If you are experienced with DBMS systems like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, the first thing you may want to look at the features that are supported by IBM-DB2. Then you can try to find out the differences among them. It really will make your learning …

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Jun 23

PHP Features for Enterprise Application Development

Scaling Day-By-Day Refactoring PHP Code Iono Review Zend Framework and the New Hybrid Designer Performance case study using Zend Core for IBM with IBM DB2 9 to service 10,000 active database connections America’s 10 Best Cities To Live In And How They Stack Up For PHP Developers An introduction to Service Data Objects for PHP

Nov 14

Cheat Sheets for Better Productivity

Cheat sheets can increase productivity in programming. How?In a cheat sheet, you can write down different functions [with parameters and syntax] that you use frequently [or all the important functions of a programming language]. Whenever, you are confused, take a quick look at the cheat sheets. Sometimes it can be faster than searching the internet. …

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Aug 31

PHP SQL Server Stored Procedure

/* prepare the statement resource */$stmt=mssql_init(“your_stored_procedure”, $conn);/* now bind the parameters to it */mssql_bind($stmt, “@id”, $id, SQLINT4, FALSE);mssql_bind($stmt, “@name”, $name, SQLVARCHAR, FALSE);mssql_bind($stmt, “@email”, $email, SQLVARCHAR, FALSE); /* now execute the procedure */$result = mssql_execute($stmt); Another Example $conn = mssql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_password);if ($conn===false){ echo ‘Cannot connect.’; exit;}if (mssql_select_db(“YourDatabase”,$conn) === false) { echo ‘no database’; exit;}$proc = mssql_init(‘YourStoredProcedure’,$conn);mssql_bind($proc,’@ParameterOne’,$ParameterOne,SQLVARCHAR);mssql_bind($proc,’@ParameterTwo’,$ParameterTwo,SQLVARCHAR);mssql_bind($proc,’@ParameterThree’,$ParameterThree,SQLVARCHAR);if ($result …

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Jul 30

OOP concepts in PHP 5 in brief

OOP concepts in PHP 5 in short Why this short – note? if you are familiar with OOD and any OOP language such as Java/C++, this short note will give you enough information to start with PHP 5 OOP Class Class definition starts with the keyword class, followed by a class name (non reserved word), …

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Jul 05

Create sitemap with PHP

Jul 04

PHP in the Enterprises

PHP in the Enterprises

Jun 10

Debugging PHP code under Eclipse PDT

Click Here to Download: This is a great manual to understand clearly how to debug PHP code under eclipse PDT. However, remember that you need to install XDebugger or Zend Debugger along with Eclipse PDT. One option is, you download and install the right package with all components. Download the Eclipse PDT from my site …

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May 06

Software/Packages for Creating PHP Development Platform


Apr 15

PHP Functions: Checking Functions: is_……()

is_infinite is_float is_int is_integer is_long is_link is_finite is_file is_bool is_binary is_buffer is_callable is_executable is_double is_nan is_null is_subclass_of is_string is_unicode is_uploaded_file For details, please check: PHP is_…() functions

Dec 19

Emailing in PHP: use PHP Mailer Package

Download PHPMailer Package from: Unzip=install In the class “class.smtp.php”, there is a send method that can be used to send emails PHPMailer provides different ways of mailing: default php mail function [capabilities limited], Using a SMTP server [with or without authentication], using Sendmail software PHP mailer can attach files, can send HTML emails In …

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Oct 05

How to Install Drupal Ecommerce

How to Install Drupal Ecommerce

Mar 06

PHP What to Learn? When are you an Expert?

Check your PHP KnowledgeDo you know all of the following concepts? If not – why don’t you learn? Know all of them and claim yourself to be an expert in PHP. How to go about learning? First know all the concepts. Then go to the details of each topic. Learning the concepts are first priority. …

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Feb 03

PHP Network Programming Related Functions

What can you do with them? For example 1. Asterisk ( is a telephony/telecommunication/PBX system management software – itr must be using many of these functions. An ISP (like shaw, mts) may write applications to monitor your modem/router activities, your bandwidth, or the activities in the wireless access points – all these will use a …

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Jan 03

Zend Tools for PHP Web-Application Development

“Zend Technologies is the leading provider of products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications. The mission of Zend Technologies is to enable PHP as a world-class language for large-scale enterprise development solutions. []” PHP Application Server: Solutions for Business Critical PHP: Zend Developer Studio for RIA: Production ready …

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Dec 16

Drupal PHP Yahoo Webhosting Register Globals

If you search google (with terms like ‘Drupal Yahoo Hosting’), you will see many people are having troubles to install Drupal under yahoo web-hosting. The issue is with the register_globals (php_ini) variable. They are too frustrated to give up either Drupal or Yahoo Web-hosting. Yahoo did not make the required changes for them (in php.ini). …

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Nov 03

Code Example: Utilizing Web Services in PHP

PHP code to grab the best provincial mortgage rate:function find_mortgaze_rate($url){ // create a new cURL resource $ch = curl_init(); // set URL and other appropriate options curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERPWD, “username:password”); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); // grab URL and pass it to the browser $result = curl_exec($ch); $bestRates = json_decode($result, true); return …

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Oct 27

Stored Procedure: PHP & MySQL

Stored Procedure: PHP & MySQL. Stored Procedures are new additions to MySQL 5. PHP has supports for Store Procedure as well (with some limitations). Using Stored procedure with mySQL and PHP CODE TUTORIAL: MySql Stored Procedures PHP Resources at JustETC MySQL Resources at JustETC

Oct 22

A Sample PHP Class

A sample PHP class is provided below. How the class is used? When the submit button from the interface (web-page) will be clicked the code in the form-action web-page will call the the create method (static) to create a Ticket data/row in the database table Ticket. The method call will look like Ticket::create(array with field=>value …

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Sep 04

Comparison among some popular PHP CMSs

Drupal/Joomla: Comparison Chart Comparing Open Source CMSes: Joomla, Drupal and Plone Drupal and Joomla comparison A Java-based CMS

Aug 13

PHP Language Features: Tools Strengths

PHP Language Features: Tools Strengths: Some resources from the Internet are provided below. Using Zend_Tool to start up your ZF Project Reading Access Databases with PHP and PECL Dynamically Generating PDF Files with PHP and Haru Reading and Writing MP3 and Photo Metadata with PECL Working with RAR, LZF and BZ2 Compression Formats in PHP …

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Jul 16

PHP is a skill not a profession

PHP is a skill not a profession

Jun 03

Some Good PHP Articles

Why good open source PHP CMS developers are hard to find PHP Social Network Site Solutions 5 reasons why the Drupal CMS is not ready for the enterprise Which open source CMS is the best?

Mar 20

Part 2: How to install PHP/MySQL Development Environment: Eclipse PDT

Part 2: How to install PHP/MySQL Development Environment: Eclipse PDT Video Tutorial on this Topic Tools required: PHP 5, MySQL 5, MySQL GUI, IIS/Apache, Eclipse PDT Download software and install them. Mostly unzipping or clicking on setup.exe Use Windows – add remove programs to install IIS Configure php.ini for PHP 5 to support MySQL Configure …

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Dec 28

An excellent survey on Open Source CMS (PHP)

An excellent survey on Open Source CMS (PHP)

Aug 30

PHP Content Management Systems

What is a Content Management System (CMS)? I think, I can consider the skeleton/framework that I am using for this web-site is a simple CMS. I developed the framework completely on my own from the scratch. Many times, I thought based on the code, I should release a open source CMS system for further development …

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Aug 22

PHP: How to Execute Remote Scripts/Services

$url is the URL to execute $url = $_GET[‘url’];$file = fopen ($url, “r”);if (!$file){echo “Error.n”;}else{header(‘Content-Type: text/xml’);while (!feof ($file)){$line = fgets ($file, 1024);echo $line;}}fclose($file); How to pass information from JavaScript to PHP/JSP – mix of PHP and JavaScript < ?phpif (!$xyz){?>< ?php}?> fsockopen $fp = fsockopen(“$urlToExecute”); if (!$fp) { echo “$errstr ($errno)n”; } else { $out …

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