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May 02

WebCrossing: Industry Standard CMS/Social Networking Software

Just working with Web Crossing on Administration and Configuration of Communities, Community Members, and Community Applications. Want to learn more about Web Crossing please check Web Crossing Home Page Web Crossing Resources in the Internet Web Crossing Administration Guide: Web Crossing® Sysop Documentation

Nov 28

Open Source Content Management Systems

Drupal, Joomla, Plone, WordPress are some good names. xCatalyst is another one. You can find more information on your CMS at (under this web-site): Check the following resources for more information on CMSs. Later come back to our web-site and refer our web-sites to your friends. …

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Jan 09

Joomla in Use: Who uses Joomla

Who uses Joomla Magazine publishing companies: A medium-sized municipality in Florida: A public library in metro Detroit: An interconnectivity service company: A community/news site about Macs: A community site about smartphones: Some Third Party Joomla Components that are used frequently: Bookmarks component ( Community Builder ( eXiT-Poll ( Google …

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Dec 07

Bring contents/articles to wordpress: From else where

Just an overview. I took all of my short-notes from to wordpress blog How? take your categories into wp_categories table. You can take all your categories from your current web-site/source/database into wordpress in this way. You may bring both databases under the same MySQL host/server. Will facilitate to write queries to transfer data. …

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Dec 03



Oct 20

Commercial Content Management Systems

Drupal vs. Commercial CMSs Others: Reddot, Ektron, Web Portal Software from Websphere (IBM), Microsoft Sharepoint

Mar 11

Add Calendar/Event Support in Drupal

Required modules: Views, Date, Calendar, cck (content), Text, Node Reference, Options Widgets. You can download the modules from drupal web-site. For calendar, For date replace calendar with date in the previous url ( => date). For views, replace with views. How to install: unzip and upload to the modules folder in the Drupal installation. …

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Nov 24

Localization in Web Crossing

Not well written, but should make sense.Web Crossing maintains a list of words/strings that can be displayed in any language. Usually, these words/strings have a key and a value, these words/strings are kept in a file+database showing relationships between the keys and values.If you want to change the language for the keys, you need to …

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Oct 29

OpenCMS Resources

OpenCms installation overview: The instructions work perfectly to my test Wiki Based Tutorial on OpenCMS Some Topics to Learn in OpenCMS Installing OpenCms, and its basic concepts Using the OpenCms Workplace Exploring the core architecture and the virtual file system Working with JSP templates Creating OpenCms modules Adding custom resource types Exporting to static HTML …

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