Mar 11

Add Calendar/Event Support in Drupal

Required modules: Views, Date, Calendar, cck (content), Text, Node Reference, Options Widgets. You can download the modules from drupal web-site. For calendar, For date replace calendar with date in the previous url ( => date). For views, replace with views.

How to install: unzip and upload to the modules folder in the Drupal installation. Afterward, from Site Building -> Modules under Administration (in Drupal), check these modules (and also check them on what these modules are dependent)

How to work? Areas you need to play with to have customized calendars/event calendars for your site:

  • Administer->Site Building->Views
  • Site Configuration -> Date and Time
  • Administer -> Content Management -> Date Tools
  • You have to create calendar styles/customized calendars using the above options. The you will see an option under create content to create calendars for your web-site.
  • using site building -> Blocks, you can place these calendars any where you want
  • You can also embed calendars in pages
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