Dec 21

5 Steps help you to be a graphics designer

5 Steps help you to be a graphics designer: লেখকঃ মোস্তাফিজুর ফিরোজ । Mostafizur Firoz

Now a day the most demandable online freelancing job is graphics designing. Because it has not important to learn English Grammar and English language correctly and speaking English fluently. So, in freelancing job they prefer Graphics designing more than SEO. Today I discuss 5steps to learn about graphics designing.

Step: 1
At first you search online for different tutorial related learning Graphics designing. Google is the best place to search about it. If you not find effective tutorial, i write serial tutorial about Graphics designing for you.

Step: 2
Then you must know about the basic about Graphics designing. If you have the basic knowledge about computer, it helps you a lots to understand it easily. You must know about the some basic words and its works like crop, drag, texture, fill up, copy, paste, flip, rotate, move, Nudge, layer, Layer effects, Pasteurize, Pixelize, Emboss, Blur, Sharpen, Borders, Background, Foreground, icon, logo, Italic, Bold, Underline etc.

Step: 3
Try to learn and practice regularly. If you have free works do it frequently. If you get the chance to do projects, don't miss the chance. It makes you more confident about graphics designing.

Step: 4
If you have the proper knowledge and you do the step 2 and step 3 properly, you ready to attend some contest. It is hard to make you champion but it help you to take more experience and knowledge about it. So, participate more and more contest.

Step: 5
Try to get review from your Graphics designing works. Try to upload your different project at and There you can get many reviews about your works. It helps you to take better idea.

If you fulfill this all steps you can be a Graphics designer. If you have leaking or low confidence you can get a professional training for learning Graphics designing.

I thinks these all 5 steps are enough to be a Graphics designer. If you not understand any topics please comment here to get the concept clearly.

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